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About “Disaster Victim Certificates” (risai shomeisho) for people who experienced damage from an earthquake

Those who had their house damaged due to the earthquake on February 13, 2021 (Sat) can apply for a Disaster Victim Certificate.
The Disaster Victim Certificate is required when a disaster victim applies for aid.
(ex.: lower fees when disposing of garbage from the disaster)
If there was any damage, take a picture showing what was damaged.

※Disaster Victim Certificate explanation (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations website)

●How to apply for a Disaster Victim Certificate
【Period】February 15 (Mon) – April 12 (Mon)
【Hours】8:30a.m. – 5:00p.m. (weekdays only)
【Locations】Ward Offices and General Branch Offices
【Required Items】
(1)Identifying document (personal: residence card, driver’s license, passport, etc.)
   (corporation: employee identification of whomever comes to application counter)
(2)(If possible) Picture showing damage to house (or structure)
(3)Proxy statement (only if someone other than the disaster victim or relative living with them is the one applying)

Please check the City of Sendai website for more details.
(Japanese only)

Please contact the Sendai Multicultural Center if you do not understand Japanese.
(022)224-1919 (9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.)